The Crisper Drawer

I had a conversation with my sister-in-law, who is trying to endure Induction but is going crazy. I asked her what she's eating and she reported that she was mostly eating sliced turkey and Atkins bars.

We had a great conversation, and one thing that came out is that I work pretty hard on keeping this from being monotonous. My tip for her (and for you, dear reader) is to prepare several days worth of food ahead of time, all at one time. Currently I'm using the barbecue grill to grill steak, fish, sausage, hamburgers, and chicken, and I'll do three or four entrees at a time. I let them cool off on plates, then put them into freezer bags. Then I dump them into one of the crisper drawers in the fridge, where my bags of shredded cheese and breakfast sausages also reside.

It feels more flexible at the end of the day to decide between Chicago-style pork sausages, swordfish kabobs, spice-rubbed chicken, or hamburgers, and it is. I pop these foods into the microwave and server with fresh salad or vegetables.

Experience shows what meals last longer (that is, taste fresher longer). I've had uneven experience with steak tips, for example -- at some point they just turn into true rawhide-quality strips of beef, no matter how carefully you glazed them. Grilled sausage, if you seared them well, last pretty much the week.


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