Head Games

I've been thinking about Krispee Kreme donuts. They're on my mind. And I don't mean a little hint or wisp of a suggestion. I'm just bumping along and I start thinking about them....

Kind of like that. So I try not to think of them, you know, change the mental subject.

Then I think of them more.

Argh. See? This is the stuff your head will do to you.

I've only had them three or four times in my life, being a Northeasterner and all. Earlier this year I bought a "sampler" and, over three days, ate them all, so I think I've had the full Krispee Kreme experience. It's not like there are any surprises in store for me ("holy crap, they're filled with cocaine!").

The trigger for this most recent head-craving was a visit to the Prudential Mall in Boston, where the Food Court is anchored by a full-size Krispee Kreme shop, with glass walls around the machinery and an insane vanilla smell that filled the mall.

But the trigger occurred two days ago -- I had a craving and stuffed it away then and there. So what could bring it back? I'm mystified.

I Googled "where do cravings come from" and sifted through a bunch of pregnancy-related sites. One doctor wrote a book called Potatoes, Not Prozac and posits that some are literally addicted to sugar and must undergo a 12-Step-like approach to dealing with it. Under her theory, the fact I had some red wine last night was enough to wreak havok with my serotonin and beta-endorphin levels, and my fresh experience with fresh pastry fueled the craving.

It's an answer, I just don't know if it is the right one. There are 100 reviews of the book and reading them on Amazon is itself an interesting glimpse into the literature.


Blogger RogueComGeek said...

that makes me Hungery :-P

September 13, 2004 at 9:30 PM  

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