Another weigh-in morning. I had a strange hunch that my weight loss had slowed, that I had eaten too much or not exercised enough or my metabolism turned down a pinch. I don't know. I woke up expecting to be disappointed.

Once on the scale... no problems. Another 2.5 pounds. Your intuition can be an idiot.

Yesterday I had a physical exam. Blood pressure is 120/60, which means I'm on the warning track of hypertension, but I attribute it to work-related stress. Same probably for my cholesterol, I'm sure, when the results are in, for those were my results last time: not exactly high, but not out of the danger zone either.

Interestingly, my doctor said that the "Body Mass Index" and other weight tables grow much more inaccurate when you get to persons of my height. But that is so far down the road I'm not going to sweat it. When I get down to the last 20 pounds, then I'll worry about where to stop.


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