Keeping Score

On Monday I had a physical exam and they took some blood for standard test. I mentioned my fear I was verging on diabetes, or pre-diabetes, or early pre-diabetes, and that that was a factor in my deciding to shift to my current diet, so I think the doctor ordered a sugar test to be sure.

After eleven weeks of no carbs (well, 20 grams a day) and no exercise, here are the results:

Weight loss: 30-35 pounds
Blood pressure: 120/60
Cholesterol: 187
Glucose: 96

I am stunned at the cholesterol result. I have been eating a three-egg cheese omelette every morning for eleven weeks. Plus, the day before the exam, I had had two egg meals, quite accidentally. I spent the week worrying that I had messed up my blood before the test by eating six eggs the day before -- it is a reasonable position.

To be fair, maybe my cholesterol would be far lower if I weren't on the plan -- I have no idea how to test that other than to try some other diet for a few months and take another test. But what would be the point? At my current levels of ingestion of meat, fat, butter, oil, and sodium, I fall well into the "normal" range for all of these markers of heart health.

What is going to change? I have begun a conditioning regimen. Thirty minutes of cardio three times a week, plus weight lifting. And I saw there is a volleyball game on Thursday nights at the Y that I might join. I have read that exercise brings cholesterol down. So let's see in a year how I am doing.


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