Stair Master

This isn't a blog about big issues. I'm just trying to capture all those easily overlooked aspects of a life change I thinkg pretty much anyone can accomplish. And the supply little differences is inexhaustible.

At my office the second floor is separated from the first by a pair of staircases framing a grand atrium-like lobby. There are 15 steps on either side. If I need to speak to someone about one of my projects, I usually end up going up the stairs, even if it is just a little thing.

It was not too long ago that I would top the stairs and be out of breath. I'd cover it up by holding my breath or suppressing my gasping (not wanting to appear as unfit as I was), but if I got into a conversation I was screwed. I literally had to stop talking to breathe, which made me more than a little self-conscious, which adds stress, which made me find it harder to get to the point. Face it, it was a mess.

I just noticed over the past few days that I've got so much energy that I try to take the stairs as fast as I can, with a satisfying THUMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMP as I do it. At first I did it to see if I could, and now I'm doing it because I can. And I'm not gasping at the top, either. In fact I feel kind of OK.

I'm still months and months away from being "in shape," but the changes so far have already made a difference.


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