Stretching Out Your Wardrobe

Came to work today in one of my best dress shirts, open-necked and buttoned down. Why? Because the neck is already "three fingers" loose when I button it -- it can't be worn with a tie any more. In the next few months it'll be too obviously baggy and I'll have to shelve it for good.

When you gain weight, your clothes stop fitting right and start getting too tight, till you have to move up a size. Then you grow out beyond the "normal" clothes stores and you end up choosing from less and less selection while paying more and more. Even your choices among catalog clothing can be very limited. And forget fashion: I've been going to Big & Tall stores for two decades, and their Member's Only jackets have never gone out of stock.

It used to be very easy for me to shop: I'd go to the special sizes section and, from A-Z, look at every piece of clothing remotely within my size. Then, after the rough list was culled, I'd crop the most egregious stuff and buy the rest. It'd rarely amount to more than a few pieces.

As you lose weight, you start having "pleasant" wardrobe problems. I'm wearing my best clothes now before I melt out of them completely. I'm starting to worry about Christmas clothes (and photos) and how much money I should commit to an interim wardrobe till I reach my goal weight. And as time goes on I have more and more shopping options.

Maybe around Christmas time I'll go to a "normal" store to see if anything fits.


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