"There's no 'moderate' button."

My first "real" workout took place last night. This time I remembered the lock. It was 8 minutes of moderate cardio, one loop at the weight stations doing 16 reps, then 18 minutes of heavy cardio.

It took a much longer time than I'd thought because I had to think through every step -- there is no "numb routine" yet. Find the chart in the bin and go to the floor. Return for a clipboard. Double back again for a pencil. Try to figure out where to put the pencil while you exercise. Say "fuck it" after dithering for all those minutes. Stuff like that.

I started on a treadmill and pushed a bunch of buttons to get it going. It furnishes a range of speeds and I picked one at the middle.

Six miles per hour? How fast is that? Holy crap it's too fast too fast too fast where's the OFF button PHEW!!! Two miles per hour was too slow. And so on.

It took five tries to get a speed and setting that seemed OK. And all the while, this was going through my head.

I watched a little TiVo last night -- I had to see Survivor -- but afterward had some trouble getting sleepy. Once I did go to sleep, I had not slept more deeply. Pure tonic restful sleep. The workout had to have had a role in that.


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