Last night our son woke up several times and wanted to share the experience. When I am fully awakened I find it difficult to get back to sleep, so I ended up working from 3AM on today.

Today was the first time I was going to try a morning workout. By "morning," I mean when the gym opens (5:30AM) to wrap up by 6:20AM so I can get home and shower and get the boy ready for daycare. I was on the dark, foggy streets at 5:15AM, waited a little to get in, and did my full workout only skimping 5 minutes on my cardio.

Once home I showered, dressed, got the boy to daycare, returned home to receive a plumber, rushed back to the office, worked nonstop (10 minutes for lunch) on a variety of zany things, picked up the boy from daycare, drove home, rushed to a hardware store to buy something they did not have in stock, and returned home for dinner at 7:15.

On my workout card, the instructions say to start doing two repetitions of my exercises. Before I only did one, I guess to break in on the equipment. Doing the same stuff twice as much was a challenge and except for two already puny muscle groups I was able to do it without hurting too much.

But I noticed something today: I'm tired. Really beat. Ready to sleep on my feet. Just punked out.

I haven't felt this way in a long while. When I started on my diet, by omitting all sugar highs and crashes I seriously screwed up my body's signals for telling me when I was hungry. All my cues were mixed up. I'd be going along and suddenly feel like dropping dead for lack of food. No appetite, just a switch from nonhungry to very hungry. That settled down and I started to learn new cues for being ready to eat.

What I find interesting is that a similar situation occurred with the concept of being "tired." I have loads of energy but I've not been tired like this. And when I remember fatigue, I think of the daily "sugar crashes" I'd have where I needed either coffee or more sweets to perk myself up again. That's not happening any more. My system is so even-keeled that I only feel tired when I have some real reasons to be. If I skip on sleep, I'm otherwise OK through the day. I'm rarely "dragging."

This has paid huge dividends at work, where mental acuity formerly came from the bottom of a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

By the way, I plan to work out three times a week: once in the early AM, once in the evening after work, and when I can fit it in on a weekend. I think this minimizes the impact on my wife's schedule, who also works hard and has not been drafted to daycare while I have "fun."


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