Weekly Weigh-in

Originally I didn't want to weigh myself. I just wanted to go on the diet, lose the weight, and buy new clothes at the end. For two weeks I did just that. I don't know what my starting weight was.

But then I read some discussion groups and a frequent question appeared to be, "I am at a plateau, what do I do?" or "I'm stuck at my current weight, help!" Now, how would I know if I'm on a plateau if I'm not keeping track?

I was on Weight Watchers in the early 1990s. I recall the whole thing revolving around the weekly weigh-in. I remember wearing lighter clothes, drinking nothing, doing all sorts of Enron tricks to keep the final accounting a week in the future. I didn't want to repeat that gamesmanship.

So two weeks into the diet I stepped on the scales. Jesus. Although I was visibly looking thinner, I still weighed a whole lot more than I ever thought. Another testament to the power of self-denial.

Now, as I melt down, I have a pleasant ambiguity over my starting weight. I can only estimate.

I sometimes feel an odd temptation to embellish my start weight, or the speed of the meltdown, as if it is a function of virtue rather than a mere calculus of calories and metabolism. "Oh yeah? I've been losing four pounds a week for seven months." Nyah.

I started on July 6, 2004. My first weigh-in was July 20.

This week I lost two pounds. In the last seven weeks I've lost twenty pounds. Rah.


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