Twenty Days in October

It has been almost three weeks since my last post. In the many blogs I've followed over the years, the usual explanations offered upon the bloggers' return are either (1) loss of mission, loss of energy, loss of interest, (2) bad news in the bloggers' lives, or (3) newfound "busy"-ness caused by a great change in those bloggers' lives.

I've not lost interest in continuing this blog because I like the way writing something down gives concrete form to an inchoate notion in my mind and, by solidifying it, makes it "real." With this focus, you clear room for more ideas rather than stewing, fretting, sulking, etc. There. I said it. What's next.

There's no bad news in my life. In fact, things are going great, never better.

I never like the "too busy to blog" excuse when I read it, so I hesitate to offer it here -- yet that is the reason. A few huge things have been going on:

1. October in New England fills your weekends with once-a-year activities, especially when you have a child whom you wish to show the best of the world. Autumn only lasts one month in Massachusetts: September is more like a "post-summer" than autumn, while November is more like a "pre-winter," especially now that Thanksgiving is an official gateway to the Christmas holidays. Sure, there is cheating a few days in either direction, but when you think of autumn foliage, apple picking, "Fall Festivals," hayrides, Indian corn, and so on, you're thinking of four weekends in October.

2. Our local sports teams have never been more successful, and I've been watching a lot of the games and savoring the local coverage. The Red Sox beat the Yankees after being down three games in a best of seven championship series, and now they're two games ahead in the World Series. The Patriots have been undefeated for a record 21 straight games. This is soaking up a lot of time -- but I wouldn't miss it.

3. An opportunity arrived at the office. I spent an entire three-day weekend researching and polishing a presentation. I delivered the presentation, and it went over so well I have a new job. I can't be more excited.

For my career advancement, I give credit to my new lifestyle. I am awake longer, and my alertness is unprecedented. In conversation, the words just spill out, well-formed and well-chosen. Plus I have an inner confidence I never possessed. I know I'm doing everything I can to have an attractive appearance, which means I have nothing to be embarrassed about except that I waited so long. (And I'm over that.) I work out, I eat right, I sleep, and now I am alert, energized, positive, and feeling very alive and in-the-moment.

In the adventures of Diet-Man, things have never been better. I took a long weekend to entertain my sister from Arizona, who arrived craving moisture, crooked roads, and seafood, and we were able to supply all three in abundance with a stay on Cape Cod. I did not break any of my diet rules except those concerning moderation and alcohol, but I did skip a workout. Each night I drank all the red wine I could, and each meal we ate out I pretty much feasted on the low-carb options. I really pigged out on lobster salad, fish stew, Portuguese pork chops, and a big steak dinner.

Needless to say I got a huge lift from my sister, who was very happy to see how good I looked. Nothing like positive reinforcement to raise the spirits.

Upon my return, my weigh-in last week showed I had not lost a single pound. I weighed exactly the same as a week ago -- a plateau. I expected a gain, but even so, this week I resumed my routine. This morning's weigh-in showed I lost four pounds.

I conclude that the alcohol really did "stall" my fat-burning metabolism process, but that once the stall was broken it surged back. I'm down 44 pounds now, and back to an occasional glass of wine.


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